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The name Thai Golfers Association in America (TGAA) was established in 1996. We set up Board of Directors and implement an agreement  for better tournament policy. (Before these years we called ourself as Thai Interstate Golf Tournament which the first tournament started in 1970 at Ramblewood GC in New Jersey)

TGAA is a national organization. The organization is divided into three geographical regions, West, Central and East. Each region has teams from states within that region. Reginal tournaments are held throughout the year on the local level. The national tournament is held over the labor day weekend every year. The site of the tournament rotates between the 3 regions.

TGAA has 14 teams registered as a team members and has membership from all three regions with about 1,200 golfers registered.                 

The Labor day weekend tournament has approximatly 250-300 golfers. 
In the past 12 years these were the tournament sites:


2000   Newnan, GA
2001   Tucson, AZ
2002   Washington, DC
2003   Henderson, NV
2004   Houston, TX
2005   Orlando, FL
2006   Chicago, IL
2007   Boston, MA
2008   Los Angeles, CA
2009   Las Vegas, NV
2010   Atlanta, GA
2011   Arizona
2012   Los Angeles, CA
2013   Boston, MA
2014   Chicago, IL

2015   Los Angeles, CA​​

2016   Fort Lauderdale, FL

2017   San Antonio, TX

2018   Las Vegas, NV


Future tournament sites will be at San Antonio, Texas in 2017

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